Get your chill on today at Manchester New Hampshire Spa! Complete your beauty routine with one of our incredible spa or skintreatments. To have overall wellbeing you are going to need to take the time to truly chill out and find yourself. Luckily at Chill Spa we invite you to join us in a transformative experience that can rejuvenate and revitalize you from the inside out. Each of our team members is an expert in their specific field and can guide you down the right path to a treatment that would best suit your needs. Ask any of our team members and we would love to help. Yes, you can book your first appointment on our website. Yes, you are just a click away from your ultimate spa experience.

Want the whole chill experience? We provide you with all this and so much more at Manchester New Hampshire Spa. We have such a wide range of services to present to you. If you need help choosing one of our services and let one of our technicians know. Makeup, lashes and brows, fascia blasting, massages, pedicures and manicures, spray, tans, corrective solutions, and even hair removal, we truly have it all and we know that we will have a treatment just for you. What are your goals? Choose a package that will benefit you in every way. We have several package options to that you can get way more chill for a lot less. We are here to serve!

Does shopping sound fun? Manchester New Hampshire Spa has shopping available as well. Shop while you are waiting for your ultimate spa experience, or just come in and find a few things. We have all the goodies in our shop. Beauty products, chill gear, skincare products, hair products, and even apparel, we have everything for you to fulfill your shopping needs. We even have specific products created just for you so that you can have the full chill experience. We want to keep it simple and that is why we have created several different products for you to try from our Chillology line. Lip balm, brow shaper, body scrub, and lotion, we have all the works just for you because we believe that high-quality ingredients matter. We have created this line with only the highest quality nourishing and trusted ingredients. What you put on your skin can affect your overall health, so choose wisely. Bring the chill experience home with you when you purchase one, or many, products from our very own Chillology line.

Let’s talk beauty. When it comes to makeup, the industry has an endless number of products. How can you ever choose? So confusing. We can break it down for you, product by product. We only carry and provide you with the very best product lines for optimal results. By being in the beauty industry, we may know something that can really help you find that perfect makeup product you’ve been wanting. What are some of the brands that we carry? BareMinerals, oxygenetix, buxom, and even Patchology. Don’t forget about Chillology. Come visit our shop to see what the very best makeup products for your skin type will be. We offer makeup services in our spa, so grab a product and try it out. We promise that you’ll have way too much fun and never want to go back to the reality of everyday life.

Lions and tigers and hair, oh my! Manchester New Hampshire Spa has several different hair products for you to keep your hair, healthy or repair, damaged and broken hair. We carry brands like Brazilian blowout, Moroccanoil, Paul Mitchell, Evo, and other shampoos, conditioners, and hair tool brands. One of our hairstylists would love to show you their favorite products as well as products they believe will be the best for your hair. We know hair, let us help! Healthy, shining hair is a product away!

Are you having skin care concerns? Dull, boring, lifeless skin? No problem for the experts at Chill spa. When it comes to skincare, we have several different products that will be perfect for brightening up your skin or clearing breakouts. The brands that we carry include bareMinerals, Cause Medic, Vita Liberata, Jan Marini, and Yonka. Like the beauty industry, the skin care industry is ever-changing and overwhelmed with several different products and “experts” telling you what works and what doesn’t. With all the confusion, what works? We only carry the highest quality products. By doing this, we already narrow down the list of beauty products for you to choose from. Less confusion! Whatever skincare regime you want to implement, find it here at Chill Spa.

Can’t get enough of the very best Manchester New Hampshire Spa, Chill? We have all kinds of Chill apparel as well. T-shirts, wristbands, and even phone pop sockets. Don’t only visit or shop carry around a brand that you love. Spread the Chill word by repping the brand for real. If you love Chill spa, share the brand. Take care of your mind, body, and soul, but also take care of your retail therapy needs as well.

We have it all and for a great cause. With our movement, Chill cares, we strive to give support financially to cancer patients. Groceries, gift cards, medical expenses, heating and repair bills we support cancer fighters and facilities. Did you know that one and eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer and one and seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer? Early detection can be the key to survival for these men and women. This is why we work so very hard to support the cancer-afflicted community. Wellness is for all and we want to embody this philosophy.

Look great, feel great, and give to a great cause when you choose Manchester New Hampshire Spa, Chill. We care and we want you to thrive and grow in your life. Take a minute to yourself to truly dive into your overall well-being. Fill your cup and then fill others. Kindness and compassion is the key!