This is the moment away you have been looking for. At chill spa we take the time for you to just chill in our boutique setting. We offer a wide spectrum of spa and salon services so you can look and feel your absolute best. At chill you can treat your body, calm your mind and soothe your soul. Our experienced, approachable staff specializes in luxurious facials, body treatments, aesthetic solution corrective skin and body care, makeup, hair and nail care spray tanning and so much more.

Our Values:

– Provide a comfortable, relaxing environment to chill.
– To be humble, sincere and honest with everyone we interact with.
– Be passionate in everything we do and provide the highest quality services.
– Spread kindness and positivity

Looking for a Manchester New Hampshire Spa to give you a break from everyday life? If you desire a break from the real world, come to our oasis where you can blissfully dive into pure, relaxation and rejuvenation. Complete well-being and beauty starts with the downtime that your mind and body need. This is why we have worked so hard to give you a fully relaxing spa experience at Chill. Our values provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment to melt into. Here you will find treatments for your body, skin, and mind. If you want to heal from the inside out, start your journey today, here at Chill spa.

Ready to join our oasis at Manchester New Hampshire Spa? You can find pure relaxation as soon as you walk into our spa. From our calming environment to each of our great team members, you will love everything about your time here at Chill Spa. Come reset and restart to become your most happy and true self. The best you is a relaxed and beautiful you and we can help. How can you start your rejuvenating experience? Come on in today and see what we can do for you, give us a call, or visit our website and fill out our inquiry form. You can book an appointment on our website and learn more information about all the amazing services we offer you. If you are lost at any point during your beauty search, let one of our stylists help you out. Tell us your goals and we will direct you to the right treatment for your goals. We have way too much fun here and we know that you will too.

What can we offer you here at Manchester New Hampshire Spa? With a wide range of services, we know that you will find something that you absolutely love. From skincare to makeup, to massages and hair removal, Chill is truly for everybody. We even have options for men. We have several packages that are directed specifically towards men but of course, you can capitalize on any packages.

What are the options for “men-specific” services? Kick off your shoes or rest your working hands with the real men simply Chill manicures where we groom and buff your nails or pamper those tired feet. Don’t forget that “we’ve got your back”. This package includes a deep pore cleansing followed by an exfoliation to make sure all the dead skin cells won’t clog those pores. No more back acne! We have Facials, laser, and wax hair removal options as well that you are more than welcome to inquire about. Book your appointment today!

Are you wondering who the fearless leader of the Manchester New Hampshire Spa, Chill really is? Crissy Kantor’s love for all things, beauty, fashion, and well-being began at a very young age. She attributes her first retail and styling experience to her aunt and uncle’s shoe store that she absolutely loved going to work in. A young entrepreneur, Crissy began doing her friend’s nails for prom and other events and became a licensed cosmetologist at 20. By having hard-working, business-owning parents as an example, Crissy had the best education for her future endeavors. She bought the location that would soon be Chill Spa in 1997 but took a short break from the industry to be a full-time mom. With this experience, unlike any other, Crissy learned the true benefits of taking a moment to yourself to relax and recharge. This is when she put her creative and caring mind to work to create a luxury spa experience that would become a break from the fast-paced world.

Putting a name to her dream was another venture that she wouldn’t take lightly. She knew, from the wise advice of her cousin, that she needed one word to sum up her idea. When her Sweet daughter told her that she needed to “chill out” she knew exactly what she would do. Chill Spa, where you can come in and truly “chill out.” Fast forward through a lot of hard work, Chill become a reality in 2005. Nothing would stop her from achieving success in pursuing her dream. Crissy and her incredible team now provide an outstanding experience for everyone that walks in or interacts at all with Chill. Without all the love and support from family and friends, this dream wouldn’t be a reality, so thank you Chill family!

Craving a moment to chill? Manchester New Hampshire Spa provides the luxurious, fueling, and relaxing experience that you have been dreaming about. Let us make your worries melt away and your rejuvenation begin. Have some skin concerns and need a dermatologist? We recommend the amazing Dr. Itenberg for any splotch or spot that you may be concerned about. We know how amazing she is because Crissy herself recommends her! She has helped with several of her concerns and we have full confidence in her ability to help you as well.

You can only do so much for others, sometimes you have to take a break to refill your tank. Come check us out at Manchester New Hampshire Spa, Chill to recharge your drained battery. We promise a healthier, happier, more relaxed you. See what you can achieve when you refill and recharge.