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Come into one of the highest-rated and most reviewed Manchester New Hampshire Spa today and revitalize your skin, body, and mind. We want to create a completely chill experience here at our spa. Every single one of our technicians is ready to give you the full spa experience so that you can take a break from your everyday life and truly immerse yourself in the healing powers of a luxury spa experience. With our several options of services, you will have no problem finding exactly what you want. Our options are also extremely customizable, so no matter what you choose, we will customize it right to your skin. If you want to be truly pampered and feel like a queen, or king, choose chill spa. Beauty and wellness starts from within!

Feeling generous? Give the gift of Manchester New Hampshire Spa. Chill spa has several beautiful gift cards for the person in your life that truly needs a moment to themselves. Busy people need to rest too, and that is why the gift of relaxation will always be appreciated. We all wish that we had more moments to ourselves. This being said, you can make this happen by recharging your battery, at one of the most luxurious spa experiences you will ever have. Once you come in, you will be addicted to our services. Take a moment to chill out for your overall well-being and health.

Are you ready for that summer beach vacation? If you need a little extra help with your tan or want an alternative option to the harmful rays of the sun come in for a spray tan. Our spray tan formula will give you a gorgeous sunkissed glow in less than five minutes. What can beat that? To go along with your new Sunkissed glow, we offer several corrective solutions for your face and body. When it comes to corrective solutions, we have several customizable options and our technicians will help you choose the right procedure for your beauty and wellness goals. Once you have gone through the works and have had an incredible spa experience with the relaxation that you so needed, bring the chill experience home. We have our very own product line called Chillology. We wanted to make sure that the Chill experience didn’t have to stop at the spa. Bring it home with you and chill out whenever time allows. The wellness experts at Manchester New Hampshire Spa are ready to make your day amazing.

Want to improve the texture of your skin? Manchester New Hampshire Spa offers several different treatments in order to improve your skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Is your goal to tighten your skin up? We have several different options for the tightening of your skin and the disappearing of wrinkles. This option is not just for your face, we offer body contouring for the shapely body you have dreamed about. Reduce age spots, sun spots, and rosacea with our intense pulse light facial. With so many different options for facials, we are sure that you can find something that will fit your skincare goals. Medical great treatments are here to refresh and renew your skin so that you can face the day with confidence. Confidence is a huge part of your overall health, and this is what we plan to give you.

Insecure about a part of your body? We have nonsurgical options for you to reduce cellulite and kill fat cells. These options can be used on places such as your stomach, back, thighs, knees, arms, and anywhere else you may have unwanted fat. Manchester New Hampshire Spa will even provide you with a free consultation for optimal results in your treatment. Want to know how all of those Hollywood stars look so incredible? This is the secret. We have all the latest technology that the biggest stars use. Want to look like 1 million bucks? We can make it happen.

Have we mentioned that we would be a great place to shop? Manchester New Hampshire Spa has several different product lines and product types that you will absolutely love. We have facemasks and bath bombs to really top off your at-home spa experience. Don’t have time to come to our spa? You can order online. Our team is dedicated to giving you full service all the time. When you walk in and need help, we will be on it. Looking for a gift? We also offer you gift cards so that you can share the dreamy spa experience with a friend or loved one. With all of these options, you will find something for everybody here. Even the men in your life!

Did we say men? Yes! Chill Spa is for absolutely everyone. Our male packages are just as luxurious and mind melting. We pride ourselves in knowing we can provide outstanding service for anyone who walks in our doors. We also offer options for children’s haircuts. We will be here one stop shop for all your beauty, hair care, skin care, relaxation needs. Take some time for yourself or get a gift for somebody. Whatever you are doing here at chose bought you will leave happier and healthier than ever before.

Have an event coming up? We offer several different options for special event hair and makeup, bridal hair and makeup, and prom. Even if you just want to come in and get your hair and makeup done to feel beautiful. Regardless of the occasion or reason, let us pamper you. Our team is specifically trained to apply and choose products that will work well with your skin. Schedule your beauty session today!

Here at Chill Spa, our concern is your overall health and wellbeing. Let us show you the benefits of renewing your mind, body, and spirit so that you can be the healthiest you. Take some time for yourself and you will be recharged and ready to go again. Give us a visit or book your appointment today.