chill® SPRAY TAN


just chill & Glow…

Custom Color Formulation

Wheat, Paraben & Cruelty FREE

Botanical Hyrdating pre-color spray

chill® Spray Tan – $45

chillology® Spray Tan – $55

Includes one customization:
– Color Lock – Moisturizes & locks in color for long lasting results
 – Accelerator – Shower in 4-6 hours!
 – Aroma Drops – Choose your scent: Tropical chill®, Blossom, or Tea Tree

Wicked Tan Spray Tan – $65

All customizations included!

“Limited time” Packages

chill® Spray Tans – 3 for $110 *Save $25
chillology® Spray Tans – 3 for $130 *Save $30
Wicked Tan Spray Tans – 3 for $150 *Save $45


Shower, shave and exfoliate with a non-abrasive exfoliant.

Hair removal (waxing/laser/IPL) should be performed at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan.

Do not wear moisturizers or deodorant.

Wear what you feel most comfortable in while you tan. What you wear will be your tan line.

We recommend wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops.


Do not shower or wet your skin for 8-10 hours after your session

Avoid activities which cause you to perspire excessively.

For your first shower, make it a quick one! Not too hot and pat dry.

Avoid activities which naturally exfoliate your skin, such as long baths and chlorinated pools.

Moisturize your skin daily for maximum color retention. Use chill recommended tan extender.

Please note: This product contains no UV protection. Please be safe in the sun and protect your skin!