Fascia Blasting - Tissue Regeneration

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Fascia Blasting

Fascia blasting is a form of fascial manipulation. It involves a hard plastic tool called the FasciaBlaster. Fascia blasting works to loosen tissue, increase blood flow, and alleviate pain or posture problems attributed to fascial stiffness. There are numerous benefits to fascia blasting experienced by many of our chill girls.

Fascia Blasting can:

  • Break up fascial adhesions/scar tissue
  • Release fascial tightness
  • Can reconstruct and modify fascia (non-invasive)
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase access to muscle power and
  • improve muscle definition
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

Results have been proven in ultrasound and blood analysis!



Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain Relief is Here! FasciaBlasting the entire calf muscle and foot temporarily increases blood flow and restores fascia to a healthier state. The results are a reduction pain and increased mobility. Appearance may improve too.

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Hand & Wrist

Relief for tendonitis, carpal tunnel, overuse, trigger finger, etc.

Shoulder / Rotator Cuff

While you may be having pain in the shoulder, FasciaBlasting the entire arm, neck, pecs and shoulder are crucial. Everything is connected and must be worked for optimal results. The area will be warmed up, blasted and it will be important to cool the area after blasting.

While people are having amazing results after just one session, consistency is most important. Continued improvement will be observed and then maintenance sessions are recommended for best results.

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Tissue Regeneration is Real – How does it work?

By scrubbing the FasciaBlaster up and down and side to side, you can temporarily increase blood flow and relieve muscular tension. The results are amazing, reducing the appearance of cellulite, renewing your skin and feeling great is priceless!

Manchester New Hampshire Spa Fascia Cellulite


Fascia Blasting Scar Tissue

FasciaBlasting scars temporarily increases blood flow and reduces adhesions. The results are a reduction in the appearance of scars. Consistency is key for best results!

Fascia Blasting Sessions

$70/30 min

I have suffered for over a year with plantar fasciitis. I sought the advice of doctos and was met with over-the-counter pain meds, x-rays, and CT scans. I first head about fascia blasting while at chill® getting my nails done…the treatment was quick, felt great, and I was met with relief right away. To my delight, the relief continued and made my whole leg feel better!

~Kate K.