Spa In Manchester New Hampshire wants to offer you our spray tan Services here at chill Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire. if you are looking to be a little more dark on your trip or you just want to give yourself a new glowy look then you have come to the right place because here at Chill Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire you will find that we offer very great services to give to you and you will not be disappointed in our spray tanning services so reach out to us and give us a call if you would like to book your free consultation now and we can give you that glow that you are looking for.

Spa In Manchester New Hampshire Has a couple different spray tanning options including our heated spray tan which gives you the opportunity to chill and look very glowy. We offer a custom color formulation made with zero wheat, and cruelty. you will find that all of our spray painting products are free of harmful things because we want to ensure that you get the very best treatment possible. We also offer a Botanical hydrating pre-color spray that can give you your skin the moisture it needs to stay smooth throughout the summer.

If you’re looking to get a spray tan here at Spa In Manchester New Hampshire then you have come to the right place because our prices are unbeatable and you will find the very best prices here. you can get our chill spray tan for just $45 or actually spray tan which is $55 but includes one customization that you can choose from between our color lock which moisturizes and locks in the color for the most long-lasting results possible, our accelerator which allows you to shower in 4 to 6 hours, or our Aroma airdrops which gives you a nice scent to enjoy while you are being sprayed. you can also get our Wicked hand spray tan which is $65 and all of the customizations explained above are included in this.

We have some of the very best attending experiences possible here at our Chill Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire and you need to try these out now. If you want to look nice and glowy during any of the seasons then you need to come check us out. if you’re interested in the services that we have to offer you can feel free to visit our website at where you can check out some of our video testimonials from other customers that can vouch for our services or you can give us a call now at 603-622-3722 and we can get your free consultation and appointment scheduled to hopefully see you soon for the first of many times that you will be visiting us.

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Spa In Manchester New Hampshire Wants to give you a five-star experience while giving you as much information about our services as possible. With our spray tanning services, there are many things that you should do before and after you get your tan. You should go check out these before and after steps in order to receive the very best spray painting procedure possible because we want to ensure that you get the very best service that Chill Spa in Manchester, New Hampshire has to offer for unbeatable prices.

If you plan on getting yourself tanned at Chill Spa In Manchester New Hampshire, There are some steps that you need to take before you get your tan. First, you should shower, shave and exfoliate with a good exfoliant with no sense to it. If you decide that you want to do any hair removal processes including waxing, lasering, and IPL, it should be performed at least 24 hours before you get your spray tan in order to ensure the most amazing service for you. you should also not wear any moisturizing agents or deodorant and make sure you where what is most comfortable to you while you can because whatever you decide to wear will be where your tan lines are and we don’t want you to have anything embarrassing for your time so we recommend that you wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and a good pair of flip-flops in order to ensure the best for you.

After you get your spray tan at Spa In Manchester New Hampshire, you leave with the best things in mind. After you tan, you should not shower or get your skin wet at all for at least a 10 hours after your spray tank session in order to ensure that the color stays on. You should also avoid any activities that can cause you to sweat excessively. when you shower for the first time make it a very quick one that isn’t too hot and make sure to pat dry yourself with a towel that you might not mind getting a little bit of tanning solution on. avoid doing any activities such as baths and chlorinated pools because we don’t want your skin to be exfoliated and lose any of the pigment from the spray tan. You should also moisturize daily for maximum color retention and use a tanning extender that is recommended by your Tanner at chill Spa. Our tanning solution contains no UV protection so we advise that you still continue to put on sunscreen and stay safe in the sun to protect your skin. You can have the top treatment from all over.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, we advise you to check out our website right now to get some of those answered for you at or give us a call at 603-622-3722 and we can help to set you up for Success today. We want to be the right company for you and we can do so by setting up good Communications with you. We want to be the one you go to for a spray tan every time so we will very easily comply with your requests.