The very best Manchester New Hampshire salon is only at Shell spa. Whenever you get a chill spa, you are gonna get a couple things that you will not get anywhere else. Our customer service is second and then, because we care about you the customer. We want you to be taken care of. We don’t want you to just like the end result, we also want you to like the process. That is why we pay attention to customer service before anything else. We want to help you with everything from your face to your body to your make up, and we can do that chill spa. Be sure to give us a try, go ahead and give us a call to schedule your appointment.

If you find yourself looking for the best, Manchester New Hampshire salon and chill spas, exactly where you need to be. If you were looking for help with your hair, chill spa has many options to help with the hair. From cuts to colors to styles, we do it all. The first option that we have available is the chill couture hair. The cat can take up to 45 minutes and is only $70. We also offer a child cut that is under 30 minutes for just $30. If you’re looking for help with your roots, we can do that for only $95 or if you are looking to add color, we can also do that for just $125.

The most incredible Manchester New Hampshire salon is at chill spa. If you’re needing help with your partial foils, we can do up to 10 to 15 foils for just $135, but if you’re looking for the full foil service, this typically includes 20+ foils. It is only $185. We also have a great service called chill smoothing that we will absolutely love. This will be depending on the person, but can range from $300 to Moore. We also do express smoothing for just $149 and we can do blowout and tool styles for only $75. We price our hair extensions upon a consultation, this consultation is complementary, and we will base it off of that.

We also do men’s hair, so be sure to check us out if you are a man as well. Men’s cuts are $30 or more and we also do men’s cuts and face grooming for just $40. We can also do men’s color and haircut for $85, sometimes this is a little on the higher side depending on your particular needs. We will be sure to give you a complimentary consultation to let you know exactly how much that will cost. By now you can see that chill spa is your premier destination

To get started just visit or give us a call at 603-622-3722 today. We guarantee you will love the service at chill spa, we absolutely love it here as well. Even though we are a little biased, we guarantee that you will see how incredible chill truly is. From there, you can explore all the different services that we have, as we have a wide variety. We do this because we wanna be able to accommodate as many people as possible.

Manchester New Hampshire Salon | makeup is outstanding

The most incredible Manchester New Hampshire salon that you were going to find anywhere is at chill spa. Whenever you visit chill spa, you are going to get a handful of things that you just cannot find anywhere else. You definitely have to check out everything that chill spa has to offer, because we truly do have multiple services to accommodate multiple needs. We’ve already talked about the men’s cuts that we have to offer, but we also have services that are in our chill style section. We have the chill blowout that is only $50, this is a great value, so this may be something that you might be looking for.

For the most incredible Manchester New Hampshire salon available chill spa is exactly where you need to be. After you check out the chill blow, we also have a chill blowout and tool style for just $75. If you were looking for a special occasion style, this is truly for that special occasion, you can give us $100 and we will make you look truly your best. This is a great option for people that are going out for a night on the town, so be sure to ask us about this special occasion style.regardless of what, you always get the very best chill, that we can guarantee you. We are super excited to offer this for anybody in the Manchester area.

You can continue looking for the best Manchester New Hampshire salon available, but if you have found your way to chill spa, you already know that you are working with the best. We have the hair add-ons available as well, so if you were looking for a color dip or a shine or even a toner, that is only gonna run you about $20. We also have a hair treatment, this hair treatment is typically for dry or over processed hair, this is also around $20. We can even do a special effect color, so if you’re looking for something a little unique, ask us about this option. Lastly, we can do a braid between 10 and $25 or additional styling time for just $15.

By now we hope you can tell that chill spa is a cut above the rest. Chill spa is your premier location for all of your wellness needs. Chill spa does just about everything, and we are super excited to offer this to anybody in the man area.

If you are looking to get started, all you have to do is visit or call at 603-622-3722 today. We guarantee you you love your experience, and as proof of this, we have a bunch of testimonials on our website. These testimonials are from real customers just like you, so go ahead and check them out. That way you can hear from people that aren’t us talking about how great our salon really is. We guarantee you love it here, we can’t wait for you to check it out.