chill®Hair Extensions

Fabulous hair extensions in just one hour! Yes, it’s true and we have them here at chill®. Longer, thicker, fuller hair can be your reality. Maybe you want to match your natural hair color, add some blonde highlights or even go for some dramatic colored streaks. Our hair extensions are extraordinary, come in a full array of colors and they lie flat against your head making them undetectable. When your hair grows out, no worries… we can re-apply them up to 3 times! Look and feel amazing in just one hour.

We also provide a hair piece system for those who battle thinning hair on top and who are looking for a natural, non-damaging, beautiful solution.

Our goal at chill® is to share our knowledge and expertise to help you look and feel your very best. Your smile is our biggest compliment.

Custom hair extension prices are based on length of hair extensions, volume and fullness that is desired to create your perfect look.

Single Extensions                   $35+
Full Head of Extensions       $499 to $999.
Custom Hair Piece                  $440 plus application/styling fee of $75+


For Your Application
Please arrive with clean, dry,  product-free hair. Application is about an hour. After your application you must wait 48 hours to wash your hair.

Removal and Re-application – $149 – $249
Your extensions will need to be removed  and reapplied to regrowth about 8 to 10 weeks after initial application. We will remove your extensions, refresh the medical adhesive and reapply them and style your hair.

Hair Piece Care – $149+
Your hairpiece will need to removed and reapplied to regrowth every 5 to 6 weeks. We will remove your piece, refresh the medical adhesive wash, cut and style your hair.

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