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Look, Feel, and Be the Best Bride you can Be!

A chill bride deserves only the best. We create timeless to ultra modern looks for our brides. Every bride is unique and since you’ve just landed your perfect man, let us help make you look, feel and be the most beautiful bride.

Chill will customize a head to toe chillin’ beauty package for you to look and feel drop dead gorgeous for your big day!!!

Packages can include:

    • Makeup/lashes
    • Hairstyling
    • Facials/chill Facelift
    • Mamamio and Cavi-Lipo – cellulite & body treatments
    • Massage
    • Manicures/pedicures
    • Hair removal
    • Spray tanning
    • Bridal Accessories

Call to book your free consultation to discuss all your bridal needs!

Don’t forget, book your chill bachelorette party for all your BFF’s and loved ones! We are known to have the best spa parties!

Most importantly book some chill time for you and your honey. Enjoy planning your perfect wedding and don’t stress over the details, just chill and enjoy one another. Chill time for two is priceless…


Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal Hair
Bride – $95
Bride’s consultation & trial run – $65
Bridal Guest Up do – $75
Bridal Guest Blowout & Style $40 & up

Bridal Makeup
Bride – $75     with Master Artist – $85
Bride’s consultation & trial run – $60     with Master Artist – $70
Bridal Guest – $49     with Master Artist – $59

Additional Bridal Services
Strip Lashes – $20 – includes lashes
Special Occasion Week Lashes $75+
Eyelash Extensions – Full Set – $175+

Bridal Hair & Makeup “On Location”

A travel fee of $150 will be added to your total price of services and includes up to 2 Artists. If additional Artists are needed an additional fee of $50 per Artist will be applied to total price of services. Please note there is a minimum of $200 in services in order for us to travel.

Additional fee for travel outside of 20 minutes will be $100 and applied to total. Travel times will be determined through Mapquest and calculated from the address of Chill Spa to the address where the services will be performed.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $150 at time of booking for all Bridal parties which will be applied to your travel fee.

EyeLash Extensions

The Lashes you’ve always Dreamed of… Do you want longer, fuller, sexier lashes? Eyelash extensions are for you!

Eyelash extensions are a safe and an easy way to extend the length and thickness of your own eyelashes. Like your natural hair, these semi-permanent lashes will last through the natural life cycle of your own lashes.

Enhance your natural look and make the perfect statement!  Ranging from delicate and pretty to dazzling and dramatic, we have lashes for every occasion and mood!  It’s up to you…are you ready to Love your Lashes?

What to Expect:

A single lash is applied to your own natural lash one at a time.  The process for your initial set will take 1-2 hours depending on how many lashes are applied.  Fill in appointments are recommended every 2 weeks to replace any lashes that have fallen out due to your natural growth and shed cycle.  Eyelash extensions are applied with medical grade adhesive to your lashes and do not touch the skin.

We also offer special occasion lashes, which last up to 1 week, and are perfect for a special event, long weekend getaway or wedding! Get the look of strip eyelashes without the fuss for your special days!

Preparing for your appointment:

Please arrive with clean, makeup free eyes and lashes.  Also, please do not perm or curl your lashes prior to your appointment.

DO’s and DON’T for Eyelash Extensions
DON’T get your extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours after application. Avoid working out, steam rooms or hot yoga. The adhesive will reactivate and may cause the lashes to stick together and look like caked-on mascara.
DO resist the urge to pull. If you pick, tug, twist or excessively touch or brush your extensions, it could damage your natural lashes. If at any time you don’t wish to continue, always have them professionally removed.
DON’T let moisture-rich products get onto your lashes. Shampoo, conditioner, heavy creams or anything oil based will eventually loosen the bond. Tilt your head back when washing your hair or take a bath to avoid getting them wet, and use an oil free makeup remover with a cotton swab to remove eyeliner.
DO reshape your extensions after you shower. Gently comb your lashes to fan them out or use a blow dryer set on “cool” to fan them back in place. Hold it arms length away from your face.
DON’T neglect your own lashes. Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions. We recommend Lash Transform.
DO have fun. Flaunt! Flirt! The best thing about lash extensions is that they are versatile and can be styled differently at every touch up appointment. For example, if you’re going to Vegas, ask your lash artist to glam ‘em up!

Full Set: $175 (1-2 hours)
Fill in: $49-$75 (30-60minutes every 2 weeks)
Removal: $49 (30-45 minutes)
Removal + New Set (2-2.5 hours): $199 (recommended every 4-6 months)
Special Occasion Lashes: $75 (30-45 minutes, last up to 1 week)
Strip Lashes – $20 – includes lashes

Book now for your special day!

For more information and to book your spa party, please contact Caitlin or April at (603) 622-3722 or