chill Body

Chillax to Glow ~ $85

Relax your sore, tired muscles with a 30 minute massage and polish away dull lifeless skin to reveal your perfect glow!.

Mama mio “It Works” Body Treatments

Two Body Blasting Spa Treatments-Everyone has a bit of their body that bugs them. Do something about it with our radical, hard-hitting, focused body treatments to make a visible, lasting difference to cellulite, sag, crepe and excess wobble. Bootcamp your butt or tummy…

“It Works” Body Treatments Lift your butt in 1 hour $99

Buttock, hip and thigh treatment created to reduce cellulite; detoxifying to stop spongey water retention plus fruit acid exfoliation for a smooth, soft, sexy rear view.

“It Works” Benefits:

  • Lymphatic drainage and deep massage to reduce ‘saddle bags’
  • Improved muscle tone and circulation; breakdown of ‘trapped’ fat pockets.
  • Smoother, tighter skin; visibly ‘melts away’ cellulite.

“It Works” for Tummies Tummy tuck in 1 hour $99

A waist-whittling treatment to reduce cellulite and fat deposits; stimulates circulation to detoxify with anti-aging peptides to tighten and tone skin.

“It Works” Benefits:

  • Greatly improved circulation to help with detoxifying and de-bloating.
  • Double exfoliation to clarify, smooth and refine skin texture.
  • Tighter, firmer, well toned tummy ready for your summer reveal.

Our private one of a kind steam shower is available upon request before or after some spa treatments. Only available before bootcamp spa treatments upon request.